Vox VT50 Combo Ampliifier

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP
VT50 22.75" x 18.5" x 10.5" 46 lbs. $540.00
United States Line

First introduced to the US market in the fall of 2008, the VT50 was the replacement for the Vox AD50VT. The VT50 had one 12" Vox special design speaker in a closed back pressed board enclosure. The circuitry of the VT50 expanded on the facilties of the AD50VT by increasing the number of amp models to 22 and the number of pedal effects to 12. The amp also expanded on the storage of tone programs to a total of 66. An optional VFS5 floor pedal allowed for remote control of effects and programs.

The design of the 50 watt hybrid Valvetronix amplifier circuit remained unchanged from the AD50VT. A power level control allowed one to adjust the output wattage of the power amp from 1 to 50 watts so that you can obtain overdriven power amp distortion even at low output levels.

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    The VT50 followed a "chrome" theme, in fact, one magazine ad campaign from Vox used the theme, "Go Chrome or Go Home." Chrome plated Vox logos and a chrome plated steel grill highlighted this theme.

    North Coast Music offered an aftermarket conversion to brown , black, or blue Vox grill as an optional upgrade on VT50.

    North Coast continues to offer a number of cosmetic replacement parts for the VT50, see below.

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