The Vox VR30R Amplifier
A Look "Under the Hood"

Introduced in 2005, the VR30R combined the VR power amp circuit from the Valvetronix Series with an analog preamp and control section.

The all analog preamp circuit was mounted on a long slender circuit board under the control panel.

A traditional dual spring analog delay line provided reverb (see picture at bottom).

The power supply and power amp sections were combined on one circuit board that rested on the bottom of the chassis. The VR or "Valve Reactor" power amp circuit was adapted for use in the VR30R from the Vox AD30VT Valvetronix amplifier.

The Vox VR power amp circuit utilized a 12AX7 tube as a one watt power amp. The tube was visible from a grill in the rear control panel area of the amp (see picture at upper left). The one watt output from the tube was used to drive a tonally transparent 30 watt solid state power amp (see photo at lower left). A finned aluminum heat sink protected the integrated power amp chip from heat related failures. The VR output amp allowed the VR30R to have tone reminiscent of an all tube amp without all the maintenance or weight.

One ten inch Vox speaker was mounted into a compact, open back OSB (oriented strand board) enclosure.



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