Vox VC-4 Floor Controller - Valvetronix "Blue" Series

The Vox VC-4 was the original floor controller designed by Vox to expand the capabilities and versatility of the Vox AD60VT, AD60VTX, AD60VTH, AD120VT, AD120VTX, AD120VTH and VTX150 Valvetronix amplifiers. It also may be used with the table top version of the Vox Tonelab.

However, it is important to understand that the VC-4 is not a "stand alone" effects device, it only functions when connected to the effects and programmer inside the Valvetronix "Blue" Series amp models listed above. This is an amp controller, it is not an effects pedal.

The VC-4 has the capacity to switch between 16 tone programs stored inside the Valvetronix "Blue" series amps. Four push button foot switches allow effects switching. A fifth "Tap Tempo" foot switch adjusts the speed of echo slap backs when using the "Delay" function in the amp.

A built in guitar tuner includes an output mute for silent guitar tuning between songs.

A programmable rocker pedal may be used to control volume or modulation speed.

The VC-4 connects to the amplifier using a standard Cat 5 computer network cable.

After the VC-4 was released in 2002, it faced some criticism in the marketplace for durability, causing Vox to replace the VC-4 with an improved floor controller, the VC-12.

The VC-4 was introduced by Vox in 2002 and was discontinued in 2003. The retail price was $200, the "street price" was $179.



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