The Vox V212BN and V212BNX

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First introduced to the US market in April 2005, the Vox V212BN and V212BNX speaker enclosures were the companion piece to the AC30CCH amplifier head. They were also designed to operate as an extension cabinet to an AC30CC2 or AC-30CC2X combo amp.

The V212BN was equipped with two Wharfedale 12" speakers, while the V212BNX had two Vox Alnico Blue speakers manufactured by Celestion.

Vox chose to not use the traditional AC-30 cosmetic on these enclosures, opting for a full cloth grill rather than the 1/3 vinyl, 2/3 grill cloth proportions of the AC-30CC2 amps. I suspect the full grill cosmetic was significantly less expensive to produce, and Vox chose to make these cabinets quite affordable.

Vox discontinued these enclosures in the fall of 2009.

Model Dimensions Weight
V212BN 27.4" x 10.4" x 21.25" 48 lbs.
V212BNX 27.4" x 10.4" x 21.25" 44 lbs,


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