Vox T-60 Bass Combo Ampliifier

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Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price - 2005
T-60 18.62" x 17.91" x 13.78" 59 lbs. $450.00 $299.00
While visiting the 2001 Winter NAMM show, an executive at Vox told me that Vox had just developed a new 60 watt transistorized bass guitar combo amp. It was expected to be introduced in about six months, and Vox planned to call it the "Essex Bass." I cringed upon hearing these words. The original Thomas Organ Vox Essex Bass from 1965 never had a very good reputation for tone or dependability, there must be a better name. I immediately suggested that they consider calling the amp the "T-60" after the famous JMI bass amp from the 1960s. To my delight, Vox decided to use the name I suggested.

The T-60 combo amp had one 12" bass speaker and one tweeter horn in a closed back, medium density fiber board enclosure. The sixty watt power amp featured a volume control and four tone controls. Dual input jacks were provided. One input was for a bass with passive pickups, and a second, less sensitive input was for basses with active pickups. A push button "Bassilator" switch boosted low frequency response. An extension speaker jack would allow the connection of an additional 4, 8 or 16 ohm cabinet to the T-60. A head phone jack allowed for quiet practice with the speaker muted.

The rear panel of the amp additionally offered an effects in and out jack.

The T-60 bass combo amp was discontinued by Vox in late 2005.

Download an Owner's Manual for the T-60 in pdf format by clicking here.



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