The Vox V9168R Pathfinder 15R Amplifier

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After 2008, The Pathfinder 15R was shipped with brown Vox diamond grill

From 2002 to 2008, The Pathfinder 15R was shipped with black Vox diamond grill

The Pathfinder 15R was a small solid state 1x8" 15 watt combo amp that was introduced by Vox in 2000. This amp was an updated version of the Pathfinder without reverb that was originally introduced by Vox in 1999. That amp disappeared shortly after the Pathfinder 15R was introduced. After more than twelve years of production, Vox finally retired the P15R Pathfinder Reverb in January 2013.

This was one of my favorite amps from Vox, despite it's low price. It has all the vintage style Vox cosmetics right, including gold string in the cabinet sides, top, and bottom. Later Vox models in the low to mid price range would drop the use of gold string.

Although solid state, this amp had an amazing tube like tone. In addition to Gain, Volume, Treble, and Bass Controls, the P15R even includes Tremolo and spring based Reverb. A Boost switch dramatically increases gain and overdrive.

Black Vox grill cloth was used on the Pathfinder 15R from 2002 through 2008, but a change made was by the factory to brown Vox grill cloth in mid 2008. All Pathfinder 15R manufactured since mid 2008 had brown Vox grill.

An 8" special design Vox speaker was mounted inside the open backed cabinet.

An optional Vox VFS2 foot switch was used to control the reverb and tremolo.

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price
P15R Pathfinder Reverb 15" x 14" x 7" 19 lbs. $179 $119



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