The Vox DA15 Amplifier (AC only operation)

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price - 2007
DA15 17" x 15.6" x 8.8" 22 lbs $230 $129

The DA15 is the only model in the DA Series that is not capable of battery operation. This is an AC mains only amplifier.

Introduced in July 2006, the DA15 resembled the AD15VT amp also sold by Vox during this same period. In fact, it shares the same cabinet, speaker, and 15 watt solid state power amp as used in the AD15VT. However, the DA15 does not have the Valvetronix one watt tube circuit and has a slightly less complex preamp.

Nonetheless, the DA15 has eleven amp models and eleven effects. It also has three operational modes. In the "Preset" mode, simply turn the "Style" selector to choose a preset program that contains “typical” settings for each type of sound Style. The gain, volume, treble, middle, bass, and effect settings will switch automatically. In the "Channel Select" mode you can press the CH button to recall the program saved in each channel (CH1 and CH2), automatically switching all of the sound and effect parameters. In the in "Manual mode," it works just like a conventional guitar amp. In other words, the positions of all top panel selectors and knobs indicate exactly what you’re hearing.

The DA10 has one 8" Vox special design speaker and a chrome plated steel grill.

An optional VFS2 foot switch allowed for switching between programs.

The DA10 was discontinued in 2008.



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