The Brian May AC30 Limited Edition

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price - 2007
AC30BM 27.4" x 10.4" x 21.25" 71 lbs. $2999 $2299
Vox certainly issued a challenge to the marketplace when it announced the hand wired, limited edition Brian May AC-30 in 2006. Was the world ready to buy an amp with a $3000 retail price that had but one control?

Designed in conjunction with Brian May, the Vox Brian May Custom Limited Edition AC-30 was a limited edition with production limited to 500 amps. Regarding the amp, Brian May said, "You, like me, are unimpressed by dozens of controls on a guitar amplifier. You want ONE knob, and it sounds perfect, right? Well, this is it. To the best of our capability and belief, here is an amp you will never have to mess with. If it sounds great with you today, it will always sound great. Power up, plug in, turn up the ONE control knob, and play."

The AC30BM was primarily hand wired, except for the rear panel mounted treble booster, which was on a printed circuit.

The AC-30BM was switchable from 30 watts to 15 watts. The switching circuit not only turned two valves off, it also changed the value of the output cathode resistors that biases the tubes.

Speaker compliment - two Vox Alnico Blue speakers, made by Celestion. Tube compliment, two ECC83 (12AX7), four EL-84, one GZ34.

The AC30BM was sold out in late 2007.



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