Vox amPlug and amPlug Powered Speaker Mini Amps

I recall a time in the late 1980s when "Rockman" type devices were all the rage. The "Rockman" and it's various spin offs were battery operated head phone amplifiers that featured various digital effects such as chorus, reverb, and echo. After one plugged a guitar and head phones into the "Rockman," one could practice without bothering the neighbors yet still having all the effects and tone of a large guitar amp and pedal effects board.

Introduced in late 2008, the Vox amPlug Series was a modern version of those "Rockman" devices of the past. Originally, Vox introduced the amPlug AC-30, amPlug Classic Rock and amPlug Metal. A number of months later, the amPlug Bass, amPlug Acoustic and amPlug Lead Guitar were also added.

Each of the six versions of the amPlug was designed to replicate the tone of a specific amplifier using the REMS modeling technology that Vox used in their Valvetronix amps. The amPlug AC-30 is modeled after the namesake Vox amp. The Bass amPlug is based on the Vox AC-100 amp head used by the Beatles. The Classic Rock, Metal, and Lead amPlugs offered tone variations from the famous UK "stack" amp manufacturer. The Acoustic amPlug allows an electric guitar to sound like a miked acoustic.

The amPlug was inserted directly into your guitar jack. A small amplifier inside the amPlug powered stereo head phones to allow for quiet practice.

Vox expanded on the product range by adding the amPlug Powered Speaker. This allows any of the the amPlug head phone amplifiers to be converted to act as a preamp to the .7 watt RMS battery powered amplifier inside the powered speaker cabinet.

The powered speaker cabinet is constructed of wood, and is hand covered in the same British basket weave vinyl Vox installs on it's larger amps. The face of the amp has brown Vox grill cloth with gold diamonds.

The total package looks like a miniature amp head and speaker cabinet.

Model Retail Price Street Price
amPlug AC-30 $56.00 $39.99
amPlug Classic $56.00 $39.99
amPlug Metal $56.00 $39.99
amPlug Bass $64.00 $49.99
amPlug Acoustic $56.00 $39.99
amPlug Lead $64.00 $49.99
amPlug Powered Speaker $50.00 $32.00



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