Vox AD60VT Combo Amp - Valvetronix "Blue" Series

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price -2002
20.87" x 10.51" x 22"
43 lbs. $799 $599

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The Vox AD60VT combo amp was introduced at the 2001 Summer NAMM Music Trade Show in Nashville TN.

The AD60VT followed many traditional Vox styling clues but had one stunning difference. This amp had blue diamond Vox grill cloth. When the amp was introduced, many of my customers remarked how much they disliked the blue cloth, but Vox installed blue Vox grill cloth for a reason. The AD60VT had a radically new design and the blue grill would draw attention to this fact.

The AD60VT followed the basic proportions of a 1960's era Vox AC-15. The amp featured a Celestion Vox 7080 12" speaker.

The design of both the preamp and power amp stages of the AD60VT were radically new. Neither the REMS modeling preamp nor the Valve Reactor power amp section had ever been used in an amplifier before.

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By 2003, the AD60VT was replaced with by the AD60VTX.



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