Vox AD212 Speaker Cabinets - Valvetronix "Blue" Series

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price -2005
AD212 27.4" x 14" x 19" 43 lbs. $650 $449
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The AD212 speaker cabinet was designed to match the Vox Valvetronix AD60VTH and AD120VTH amp heads. These AD212 cabinets were constructed of baltic birch plywood in the United States by a Vox sub contractor.

The AD212 cabinet offered four speaker input jacks, allowing stereo 8 ohm, mono 4 ohm, or mono 16 ohms connections.

The power handling capacity of the AD212 enclosure was 80 watts RMS per side in stereo or 160 watts in mono.

The sealed back enclosure had two front mounted Celestion Vox neodynium magnet "Neo Dog" 12" speakers.

The Celestion/Vox "Neo Dog" 12 inch speaker featured a neodymium magnet structure. The incredible magnetic properties of neodymium magnets mean that only a small amount of material is needed to produce the same flux as a much larger ceramic magnet structure. This offers a drastic savings in weight. The "Neo Dog" speaker weighs approximately one half of the weight of an average guitar speaker.



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