Vox AD100VTH Amp Chassis in a North Coast Music AC-100 Style Head Enclosure

Due to the discontinuation of the AD100VTH in 2008,
North Coast Music no longer produces this head cabinet.

Model Dimensions Weight
AD100VTH - AC-100 Style cabinet 7" x 19.875" x 11" 22 lbs.
First introduced to the US market in the late 2006, the AD100VTH head was the loudest member of the AD Valvetronix "Chrome" series of amplifiers.

The AD100VTH never seemed to gain much popularity in the marketplace. It is a pity, as this is really a great sounding head. I feel that slow sales of the AD100VTH amp head and the matching V412BK cabinet was driven by a lack of cosmetic appeal.

North Coast Music recognized the tonal and power potential of the 100 watt VT Series head and designed several retro Vox head enclosures for the AD100VH. North Coast Music then sold these head cabs packaged with the AD100VTH electronics.

The AC100 style amp head cab, loaded with the AD100VTH amp chassis was very successful at North Coast Music. Even Thom Peterson of Cheap Trick purchased one of these amp head conversions from North Coast Music for use during their "Sgt Pepper's" performances in Las Vegas in 2009.

North Coast Music no longer offers this amplifier head, sorry. After the supply of the AD100VTH chassis dried up in 2008, North Coast Music discontinued the AC-100 style cabinet.

Click here for an "in depth" presentation about the circuitry and features of the AD100VTH



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