The Vox AC4C1BL Amplifier
The Vox AC4C1PL Amplifier


AC4C1BL - Rear View

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The AC4C1BL was introduced by Vox at the January 2012 NAMM Music Show in Anaheim, California. The AC4C1PL was introduced later that year.

The original 1961 Vox AC-4 was a four tube, open ended circuit with a 12AX7 and a EF86 preamp tube, one EL-84 power tube, and one EZ80 rectifier tube. The amp had three controls, volume, tone, and tremolo speed. A foot switch actuated the tremolo effect. The four watt amp powered an 8" Elac speaker.

When Vox introduced the reissue AC4C1- BL in 2012, they chose to not copy the original AC-4 circuit. The AC4C1-BL has two 12AX7 preamp tubes and one EL84 tube. The amp used diodes rather than a tube rectifier in the power supply. The circuitry was constructed on a printed circuit board. The amp included gain, bass, treble and volume controls. Tremolo was not included.

The enclosure is constructed from OSB (oriented strand board). A small bass reflex port can be found at the bottom of the removable rear panel.

The earliest versions were covered in blue vinyl and featured "Tygon" grill cloth. A later version was covered in purple vinyl with Tygon grill. Vox used a similar Tygon grill cloth for a period during the early 1960s.

Three vintage cosmetic touches included in the AC4C1-BL are worth noting. The edges of the cabinet that extend from the front to the rear of the enclosure feature a larger radius than the edges around the front and rear of the cabinet, as done by JMI Vox on their cabinets from the 1960s. The inner corners of the AC4C1-BL include a rounded radius, again as seen on Vox amps made in the 1960s. Finally, a hinged bakelite handle, similar to those installed on the original 1961 AC-4 amp, is included on the AC4C1-BL.

Celestion provided a special 10" speaker for Vox to use in the AC4C1BL.

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP
AC4C1BL/PL 13.78" x 8.27" x 13.78"
20 lbs $399



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