The AC30CC1

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Model Dimensions Weight
AC30CC1 24" x 10.4" x 21.25" 54 lbs.

Based on the same chassis as the AC-30CC2 and AC30CC2X, the AC30CC1 was designed to offer traditional Vox AC-30 tone in a more compact and lighter package. First shipments of this amp from Vox occured in April 2005.

The AC30CC1 utilized one 12" Vox "Neo Dog" speaker manufactured by Celestion. The nearly 37 watt output of an AC-30CC amp was no match for the power handling abilities of either a single Vox Alnico Blue or Wharfedale 12" speaker. The "Neo Dog" could easily handle the full 37 watt output of this amp.

The "Neo Dog" used a neodymium magnet. Utilizing a neodymium magnet reduces the weight of this speaker by over 50% when compared to comparable alnico or ferrite (ceramic) magnet models.

A two button VF002 foot switch was included with this amp to actuate the reverb and tremolo. In subsequent years, the Vox VFS2A foot switch replaced the VF002.

Unfortunately, the retail price of this amp was nearly the same as the standard AC-30CC2, so it never gained much traction in the marketplace. By November 2006, Vox had discontinued this model.


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