The Vox AC1RV Bass "Rhythm Vox" Mini Amp
Optional Mini Amp Stand From North Coast Music

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The original Vox AC-1 amplifier was available from 1997 through 2000. The battery operated AC-1 amp featured a plastic case, volume, cut, and gain controls with chicken head knobs, two 3" speakers, mini diamond Vox grill cloth and one watt of output power. North Coast Music fabricated a small mini amp stand for the original AC-1. This stand resembled the stand offered in the 1960s by Vox to accompany their AC-30 amplifiers.

In 2010, Vox announced the introduction of the AC1RV "Rhythm Vox" amplifier. A year later, Vox introduced the AC1RV Bass "Rhythm Vox" amp for bass guitar. Both amps expanded on the features of the original AC-1.

Like the original AC-1, the AC1RV Bass features a detailed plastic case, volume, tone, and drive controls with chicken head knobs, two 3" speakers, and one watt of output power. New for the AC1RV Bass was the addition of a "Normal/Bright" switch.

A guitar tuner function in included to help the musician to properly tune the "E" string to proper pitch, but the other strings must be tuned by ear.

An input jack is also provided to connect an MP3 or CD player to the amp.

The AC1RV Bass also includes a "drum box." A rotary control is used to select from one of ten different drum genres. A "Variation" button allows the selection of six different drum patterns from each of the ten genres. A total of 60 unique drum patterns are available. A "Start/Stop" button turns the rhythm section on and off.

Six complete drum arrangements or "songs" are also programmed into the AC1RV Bass, bringing the total number of drum programs in the amp to 66.

The AC1RV Bass is powered by six AA batteries. Vox indicates that battery life should be about 26 hours.

North Coast Music is offering a small chrome plated rigid amp stand for sale with the purchase of an AC1RV Bass amp. This stand is a North Coast Music exclusive product, and will not be offered by other retailers.

North Coast Music offers a
chrome plated metal mini
stand for the AC1RV Bass



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