The AC15H1V64 - AC15H1TV1 Conversion Amp by North Coast Music

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North Coast Music came up with this interesting twist for the AC15H1TV amplifier.

While many people loved the tone, vibe, and hand wired concept of the AC15H1TV, some people didn't like the looks of the "TV" front cabinet or the light tan vinyl.

North Coast Music decided to use its manufacturing abilities, along with its license with Vox UK, to make a cabinet for the AC15H1TV that would be reminiscent of what an AC-15 looked like in 1964.

Although no longer available, the North Coast Music AC15H1V64 cabinet was constructed of 13 ply baltic birch plywood with dovetail joinery. The cabinet is covered in genuine British Vox basketweave vinyl, features one pin corners, a Vox handle, three brass vents and all the other classic Vox cosmetic details. North Coast Music sells the complete amp conversion with chassis and speaker or just the cabinet for those that already have the amplifier.

Click here to read in detail about the circuitry and all the electronic features of the AC15H1V64

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price
AC15H1V64 20.75"  x 20.75" x 10.375" 50 lbs. $2150.00 $1399.00



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