The AC15C2 "Custom Series"

AC15C2 - Front View

AC15C2 - Top View

Model Dimensions Weight Retail Price Street Price 2011
AC15C2 27.4 x 10.4 x 22 inches 67 lbs. $1199.00 $ 799.00
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In 1962, Vox introduced the AC-15 Twin amp as a lower cost alternative to the AC-30. Vox reintroduced the AC-15 2x12 "Twin" amp in 2011, calling it the AC15C2.

The AC15C2 is a true two channel amp. Each channel has one input. The first channel incorporates the preamp circuitry from the original AC-30 "Normal" amp while the second channel featured the Vox AC-30 "Top Boost" tone control circuit. Three ECC83 tubes power the preamp.

The AC15C2 also has tremolo and a spring based reverb.

The AC15C2 cabinet is completely constructed of MDF (medium density fiber board, or particle board). The cabinet has the same outside dimensions as a standard 2x12 AC-30, such as the AC30C2. North Coast Music offers a 13 ply baltic birch baffle board upgrade for the AC15C2 as an extra cost option.

The power amp uses the original 1961 circuitry that features two cathode biased EL-84 tubes producing 15 watts RMS into a 16 ohm load.

Tube replacement is easily accomplished without removing the chassis from the cabinet.

Two 8 ohm 12" Celestion G12M Greenback speakers, wired in series to a 16 ohm total load, are mounted in the open backed enclosure. Vox has decided to not offer this amp with the Vox/Celestion Blue Alnico speaker at this time, but North Coast Music will install these speakers as an after market option. Jacks for extension speakers and for an optional VFS2A two button foot switch are mounted on the back panel of the amp.

The AC15C2 is produced for Vox in China.



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