Rose Morris Vox Super Twin

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Introduced in 1979 shortly after Rose Morris purchased Vox from Dallas Industries, the Vox Super Twin was the next generation of the Vox Escort amplifier.

The Vox Super Twin had two 5" speakers powered by a 20 watt solid state amplifier. Unlike the Escort, the Super Twin operated on wall current only. A 20 watt power amp would drain the battery pack too rapidly.

The gray control panel had volume, bass, treble and reverb controls. The Vox Super Twin reverb circuit utilized a traditional spring delay line.

Two inputs for guitar were provided. One was marked "Normal," the other "Brilliant." Also included was a "slave" output jack, more commonly known today as a "line out."

The wooden cabinet was covered in traditional Vox black basket weave vinyl. The infamous "wide diamond" Rose Morris Vox grill fabric was used on this amp. A metal "SUPERTWIN" model badge adorned the lower right corner of the amp.

The back panel of the Super Twin was made of 1/8" thick masonite and was painted black. The model number, safety information, and serial number was silk screened in gold paint on the back panel.

This amp was produced in the old Dallas Industries Vox facility in Shoeburyness UK under contract to Rose Morris.


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