The Classic Plus Series AC50CP2 Combo Amp

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The AC50CP2 is a 50 watt RMS all tube guitar amplifier based on the electronics chassis of the AC50CP2 amp head combined with a modified AC-30CC2 combo cabinet. It was introduced by Vox in 2007. It has four ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes and two EL-34 power tubes. The power supply is diode rectified.

The AC50CP2 also includes two 12" Wharfedale GSH12-30 speakers.

The AC50CP2 is a footswitchable two channel amp. Channel one is based on the preamp circuitry of the AC-30 Top Boost amplifier. Channel two is a high gain channel, tonally reminiscent of what one would expect in a 70s era stack amplifier. Channel two also includes a "bright" and "fat" switch for a wider tonal palette.

Click here for an "in depth" explanation of the controls and features of the AC-50CP2.

Spring reverb is available on either channel.

A two button Vox VF002 footswitch is an included accessory.

Modern features include an effects loop and a direct line out. The direct line out has both balanced and unbalanced jacks, a ground lift, and a low pass filter.

The AC50CP2 was discontinued by Vox in 2009.

North Coast Music offers these repair parts and accessories for the AC50CP2
Two pin replacement corners for the AC50CP2
Exact replacement handles for the AC-50CP2
Replacement Vents for the AC50CP2

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price - 2007
AC50CP2 27.4" x 10.4" x 21" 74 lbs. $1750 $1299



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