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Genuine Hofner Beatle Bass Straps

Hofner Beatle basses come with a strap button fitted to the tail piece of the instrument (see Figure 1)  The Hofner "McCartney style" Beatle bass strap does not use this strap button.

One end of the Hofner Beatle bass strap has a "dog clip." This end of the strap attaches to the guitar body using a metal "D" ring and short leather strap that replaces the original strap button (see Figure 2). Take care that the the small "cup" washer supplied with the strap is fitted between the screw head and the leather strap.

At times, Paul McCartney simply clipped the "dog clip" to the tailpiece of his bass (see photo below).

The other end of the strap can be fitted to the guitar by passing it round the top of the body and under the finger board extension of the neck (seeFigure 3). The strap should then be tied with the thin leather strip (see Figure 4).

Hofner 60s Style Guitar Strap for Beatle Basses - Accessorize your Hofner Beatle bass with this accurate reproduction of the strap originally used by Paul McCartney on his Hofner Violin Bass with the Beatles. This is an important detail to making your Beatle bass rig correct.

The strap is made of dark, chocolate brown leather, and includes a "dog clip" on one end of the strap (as Paul's did). One may either clip this dog clip to the tailpiece of the guitar, or to a short leather straplet (included) that replaces your strap button near the bridge. The straplet has a metal "D" ring to accept the dog clip.

Use this with any German made Hofner Beatle bass or the Hofner Contemporary Series Beatle Bass. This strap does not work with the Hofner Icon or Ignition Series basses due to the way the neck attaches to the body.

Price: $59.99 USD each
US Shipping and Handling: $2.99

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