The Korg/Vox V829 Tone Bender

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The Vox V829 Tone Bender "Fuzz" was one of first products introduced under the Korg ownership of the Vox brand. It was included in the 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 Vox price lists and featured in a 1994 sales flyer.

The V829 was based on the circuitry of the V828 Tone Bender that was produced during the Thomas Organ ownership period of Vox (1965 - 1971). The V828 Tone Bender was manufactured for Thomas Organ by the Italian manufacturer JEN. The JMI version of the Tone Bender was produced by Sola Sound of London. 

The circuitry for both the V828 and V829 Tone Benders utilized two PNP germanium transistors. Sola installed a pair of European OC76

V828 Tone Bender
transistors into the UK model. JEN installed an SFT363 and
an SFT337 transistor into the version of the V828 Tone Bender sold in the North American market place.

The Thomas Organ V828 service manual indicated that if European specification transistors were not available, a pair of SK3004 germanium transistors would be a suitable field replacement. The Korg/Vox V829 Tone Bender used a pair of these SK3004 germanium transistors.


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