Vox Valvetronix Tonelab ST Guitar Effects Processor - 2010-2013

Vox not only introduced the Tonelab ST in 2010, they also introduced Valvetronix VT Plus Series amplifiers. The VT Plus Series featured a redesigned effects and control section featuring three variations of eleven amp models, eleven effects pedals, eleven modulators and three types of reverb. The control panel for a VT Plus Series amp is shown below.

A close comparison of the control panels of the Tonelab ST and the Valvetronix VT Plus Series will reveal that the effects and control sections of the Tonelab ST and VT Plus amps were virtually identical.

At an MSRP of only $275, the Tonelab ST was the least expensive Tonelab produced by Vox.

Tonelab ST Specifications
  • Amp Models (11x3): Clean, Cali Clean, US Blues, US 2x12, Vox AC-15, Vox AC-30, UK Rock, UK Metal, US Higain, US Metal and BTQ Metal. Each amp model offers three variations: Standard (Green LED), Special (Orange LED) and Custom (Red LED).
  • Cabinet Simulators (11): Tweed 1x8, Tweed 1x12, Tweed 4x10, Black 2x10, Black 2x12, Vox AC-15, Vox AC-30, Vox AD120VTX, UK H30 4x12, UK T75 4x12, US V30 412
  • Effects Pedals (11): Comp, Acoustic, Vox Wah, U-Vibe, Octave, Treble Boost, Tube OD, Boutique, Orange Dist, Metal Distortion and Fuzz
  • Modulators (11): Classic Chorus, Multi Tap Chorus, Classic Flanger, Phaser, Textrem, Rotary, Pitch Shifter, Filtron, Echo Plus, Delay and Chorus Delay
  • Reverb (3): Spring, Room, and Hall
  • Programs: 100 total (0-49 are user programs, 50-99 are fixed factory preset programs)
  • Rocker Pedal: One
  • Connectors: ¼" mono input, ¼" stereo/mono analog audio/headphone output, Aux In (3.5mm), USB Type B, input jack for a 12VDC external power supply
  • Dimensions and Weight: ~10.6" x ~7.1" x ~2.75" ~3.5 pounds.

Tonelab Comparison Chart

Tonelab Tonelab SE Tonelab LE Tonelab ST Tonelab EX
Years of Production:
Valve Reactor Tube:
Program Storage:
Amp Models:
Cabinet Simulator Models:
Total Effects:
Drive Pedal Effects:
Modulation Effects:
Delay Effects:
Types of Reverb:
Noise Reduction:
Expression Pedals:
Internal Monitor Speakers:
USB Interface:
S/PDIF Digital Interface:
Midi In/Out:
Downloadable Software:

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22 50 50 26 45
10 16 16 11 26
5 11 11 8 11
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