Vox V832 "Strobo Light" (1968 - 1971)
Vox V833 Dual Head "Strobo Light" (1968 - 1971)

The innocent, pop-driven songs that were all the rage in 1964 at
the start of the British Invasion were nearly out of style just a few years later. Trippy, drug related songs such as "Light My Fire," "White Rabbit," "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Eight Miles High" dominated the air waves in 1966 and 1967.

Several manufacturers developed flashing theatrical strobe lights to enhance the live performance of this "psychedelic" music. Chadwick-Helmuth, an aerospace firm in Monrovia CA, marketed their highly successful "Strobodelic" strobe light in 1967. Aztec Sound of Denver CO introduced a popular strobe light in 1968. Vox entered the strobe light business in July 1968 at the Summer NAMM trade show with their V832 and V833 Strobo-Lights.

The single head Vox V832 Strobo-Light was housed inside a 6" square aluminum box with a black wrinkle finish. It featured a 5¼" diameter 60o reflector and a 37 watt/second xenon flash tube. A rear mounted speed control adjusted the rate from 1 to 20 flashes per second.

The 1968 Vox accessories catalog indicated that the V832 was effective up to 65 feet in a darkened room and could cover a 2500 square foot area. Vox offered optional red, yellow, orange, green or magenta gels that could be mounted over the front of the reflector. Oddly, Vox did not provide a mounting bracket to suspend the Strobo-Light on an overhead lighting system.

The V833 Strobo-Light package included two V832 Strobo-Lights plus a central remote control. The remote control allowed the flash rate of both strobes to be synched or to operate at independent flash rates. When operating in synch, the combined brightness increased to 74 watt/second. Removable connecting cables allowed the control unit to be located 15 feet from either strobe.

The V832 single head Vox Strobo-Light retailed for $119.90 in the July 23, 1968 Thomas/Vox price list. The V833 dual head Vox Strobo-Light retailed for $299.90.


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