Thomas Organ "Cry Baby" Wah Pedal - 1967 - 1981

"Stack of Dimes"
03 Inductor

TDK 5103

Red Fasel

"Trash Can"

The Crybaby was originally introduced by Thomas Organ in 1967 as a thinly veiled copy of the Vox V846 Wah-Wah. The first Crybaby pedals were built in 1967 at the Thomas factory in Sepulveda CA. Later that year production was moved to EME (Eko) in Italy. In 1969, the Crybaby production contract was moved to JEN of Pescara Italy. During the 1970s, Thomas returned production to America, first building the 95-910511 Crybaby in Sepulveda through 1977 and then in Chicago through 1980. Soon after, Dunlop Manufacturing purchased the Crybaby franchise from Thomas. Dunlop continues to produce the Crybaby today.

Aside from a chrome plated rocker pedal, the Crybaby was a virtual clone of the Vox V846 Wah-Wah. Thomas provided the V846 Vox Wah to their authorized Vox dealers while offering the virtually identical Crybaby to all other music shops. Thomas produced nearly identical flyers and recordings to promote the V846 and the Crybaby (see below).

At the heart of every Wah and Crybaby pedal is a 500 mH ferrite inductor. These inductors played a major role in the tonality of the pedal. As Thomas sourced their wah inductors from various vendors, the style of 500 mH inductor may vary from pedal to pedal. The Crybaby shown at far left was produced in Chicago utilizing a "Stack of Dimes 03" inductor. The pedal at near left was produced in Sepuveda with a TDK 5103 cube inductor. It is also common for Crybaby pedals to be equipped with either a red Fasel or a metal "Trash Can" inductor.

It is not difficult to determine the year of production for most items built in the US by Thomas Organ. As Thomas commenced production in 1957, adding 57 to the first two digits of the serial number should give you the year of production. The serial number of the Crybaby above is 2065621. Adding 57 the first two digits of the serial (20) makes 77. This Crybaby was produced by Thomas Organ in 1977.

Cry Baby Wah Promo Record - 1967
Recorded by Del Casher

Vox Wah-Wah Promo Record - 1967
Recorded by Del Casher


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