The Vox Winchester Guitar

Vox Winchester Guitar

A modern Steinberger Bass Guitar

Ned Steinberger produced the body and neck of his first Steinberger guitar in 1979 from a composite of graphite and carbon fibers. It was similar in appearance to the modern Steinberger guitar pictured above. The neck had no head stock and the body was slim and nearly rectangular in shape.

Named after a famous rifle, the Vox Winchester guitar was produced in limited numbers in 1967. Like a Steinberger, the body of the Vox Winchester guitar was slim and nearly rectangular. A closer look reveals that the body of the Vox Winchester guitar was the slightly modified case from a Vox Wah pedal. The top of the guitar was actually the bottom plate of the wah case.

The Winchester guitar shown at left was offered for sale in an eBay advertisement in 2012. The pictures on this page came from this offering. I'd be happy to offer a photo credit to the seller of this Vox Winchester if they contact the Vox Showroom.

The British made maple and rosewood Winchester neck featured a zero fret and a 25.5" scale. It included six individual Vox tuner keys (shown at left) and an adjustable truss rod. The name "Winchester" was silk screened on the head stock.

The body of the Winchester was finished in gray paint. A Vox logo was silk screened to the front of the guitar.

The Winchester included one single coil UK made Vox pickup. The pickup had the square cornered plastic cover common to Vox guitars and six exposed pole pieces (see photo at lower left). A single tone control was mounted to the upper edge of the body and the volume control was located in an access hole in the rear of the guitar. Had this been a wah, the tone sweep pot would have been located in the same location as the volume control for the guitar.

A six-way adjustable roller bridge was mounted to the very bottom of the body (see photo at lower left).

A metal hoop on the back of the Vox Winchester flipped down to make a stand for the guitar.

I was unable to find any mention of the Vox Winchester guitar in Vox catalogs and price lists from the period, further suggesting that production was quite limited.


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