The Vox V254 Wildcat Guitar

Vox V254 Wildcat Guitar

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The V254 Vox Wildcat guitar was offered in the 1966 and 1967 North American Vox "It's Whats Happening" catalogs. The Vox Wildcat was imported from Eko Musical Instruments of Recanati, Italy by Thomas Organ of Sepulveda CA, the US Vox distributor. It was offered exclusively in North America and made no appearances in European Vox catalogs. This semi-acoustic single pickup arch top guitar featured a single cutaway bound body with twin bound "f holes."

The 21 fret, 25½" scale bolt-on neck featured an adjustable truss rod, white binding and a zero fret. The neck was ~1⅝" wide at the nut and 2" wide at the 12th fret. It also featured the Eko designed "Double T" aluminum extrusion that was embedded inside the length of the neck for greater stability.

Six individual open gear tuners with white plastic buttons were included. A decal on the back of the head stock stated the guitar was "Made in Italy for Vox."

The ~
3" deep arched body was ~15" across at the lower bout. It was offered a transparent red, transparent brown or sunburst polyester finish. A floating white plastic pickguard featured the name of the guitar.

While not mentioned in the catalog offering for this guitar, the larger size of the pickup used on the Wildcat guitar suggests that it may have been equipped with an Eko "double polarity" (aka humbucking) pickup. Similar "double polarity" pickups were installed on the Eko "Florentine" model. A pair of rotary controls adjusted volume and tone.

A micro adjustable floating bridge rested on the surface of the body. The bridge provided two thumb wheel posts to adjust height. The Wildcat also included a hinged chrome plated trapeze tail piece.

The 1966 US Vox catalog described the V254 Wildcat guitar as follows: "6 string electro-acoustic guitar, arched top and back; hand bound body, neck, f-holes, hinged tail piece; scuff proof polyester finish. Bridge adjustable for custom action."

The 1966 US Vox price list indicated that the retail price of the Wildcat was $149.90 USD. Adjusted for over fifty years of inflation, the Typhoon would retail today for over $1000.


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