Giulietta Guitars by Vox - VGA-3PS Guitar - 2018-2021

Vox introduced two Giulietta guitar models in 2018. The Giulietta by Vox VGA-3D incorporated the battery powered AREOS-D guitar modeling circuit. This allowed the VGA3D to emulate the sound of eighteen stringed instruments. The Giulietta VGA-3PS guitar (shown on this page) did not offer modeling circuitry but incorporated the proprietary "Vox Hybrid Bridge" and the "Vox Super Capacitor Preamp System."

Although it might appear much larger in the photos above, the Giulietta VGA-3PS had a rather compact, 13½" lower bout. It's fully hollow, bound and laminated arch-top body was about 3" deep and featured a spruce top with mahogany sides and back. It featured a 22 fret mahogany set-in neck with a baked Jatoba fretboard and a 24¾" scale length. The VGA-3PS also included a chrome plated tail piece, a floating pick guard and sealed tuners. Transparent blue, transparent black, natural and sunburst finishes were offered.

The Vox Hybrid Bridge System (seen below) sandwiched an aluminum plate between the wooden base and upper sections of the bridge. Rather than utilizing a traditional magnetic pickup, a piezo pickup was incorporated into the compensated bridge saddle. This proprietary piezo pickup was specially designed to provide an even balance of output between strings. Vox claimed that the unique fusion of wood and aluminum in the VGA-3PS piezo bridge widened frequency response, increased sustain and reduced feedback at high volumes.

Super Capacitor Preamp System Control Panel
1. Low cut knob
2. Tone knob
3. Power LED
4. Volume knob
5. Active/Passive Switch

The Vox Super Capacitor Preamp System (shown above) was suspended from the bottom of the pickguard. By locating the preamp controls at the lower edge of the pickguard rather than on the body of the guitar, the true resonance of the spruce top of the VGA-3PS was preserved. A internally mounted rechargeable battery provided up to 5 hours of operation after a quick 10-minute charge via USB.

While also capable of producing traditional jazz and rock tones, the tonal adjustments made possible by the Super Capacitor Preamp System also allowed the VGA-3PS to accurately emulate the sustain and brilliant top end of a flattop acoustic. The Low-Cut control allowed the guitarist to custom tailor the bass response of the guitar. The Active/Bypass switch allowed the signal from the piezo pickup to bypass the preamp circuit.

The MSRP was $1049.99 USD. Country of origin: Indonesia.


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