The Vox V206 Super Ace Guitar - 1962-1966

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JMI produced two generations of the mid-level Vox Super Ace guitar in their UK manufacturing facilities between 1962 and 1966.

The first generation Vox Super Ace guitar appeared in the 1962 "Vox - The Choice of the Stars" catalog. See this guitar at far left. This body and neck of this early version of the Super Ace was shared with the single pickup Vox Soloist guitar, the dual pickup Vox Duotone guitar and dual pickup Vox Ace guitar.

The 1962 Vox Super Ace added a third single coil Vox V1 pickup to the original dual pickup Vox Ace guitar. This third pickup was placed closer the bridge pickup (see photo of left handed red Super Ace guitar at left). This location enhanced the treble response of the added pickup.

The non adjustable sycamore neck was topped with a rosewood fret board. Six individual tuner keys mounted to an elongated head stock. Rather than offering an adjustable truss rod, the neck of the Ace guitar was reinforced with two steel rods embedded in the neck.

The early Super Ace guitar was also fitted with the patented Vox DeLuxe tremolo arm system.

The bodies and necks of these early Ace guitars were originally produced in the UK by Stuart Darkins & Co, a furniture maker in Shoeburyness England under contract to Vox. Final assembly and inspection was probably completed in the JMI facilities in Dartford Kent UK.

The second generation Super Ace guitar went through a major body redesign and appeared in the 1963 through 1966 Vox catalogs. Like the Vox Soundcaster and Consort guitars, the body shape and features of the second generation Super Ace resembled the Fender Stratocaster.

The hardwood body for the later Ace guitar was shared with the later three pickup Super Ace model. The second generation Ace guitar included three evenly spaced single coil Vox VII pickups with exposed pole pieces. This was an upgrade from the Vox VI pickups offered in the 1962 Super Ace model. The second generation Super Ace retained the three position pickup switch and controls of the earlier model.

Like the earlier Super Ace, the second generation Super Ace featured a polished sycamore neck with a rosewood fret board, six individual tuner keys and no truss adjustment. The neck was again reinforced with two embedded steel rods.

Body and neck production was shifted in 1963 from Stuart Darkins and Company to G-Plan of Hemel Hempstead, another UK based furniture maker.

The UK retail price of the Super Ace guitar in 1964 was about 47 GBP. In the US, the Super Ace retailed for $169.90 (1965 Thomas Vox price list.)

My thanks to Martin Kelly for supplying the photo of his left handed 1962 Super Ace guitar to the Vox Showroom.


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