Vox Starstream Type 1 Modeling Electric Guitars - 2016

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Metallic Frame
Metallic Frame
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Plastic Frame

JMI Vox introduced some of the most iconic and unusual guitar body shapes of the 1960s. Who could forget the coffin shaped Phantom or the teardrop shaped Mk VI guitar? In 1968, Vox was the first manufacturer to incorporate battery operated effects such as fuzz, wah and repeat percussion in their guitars. Following this tradition of innovative guitar design, Vox introduced the Starstream Type 1 guitar line with onboard modeling in 2016.

The Starstream Type 1 featured a compact mango wood inner body that was similar in size to a travel guitar. A sculpted plastic frame with the stylized outline of a traditional dual cutaway solid body guitar encircled the inner body, following the Vox heritage of innovative body shapes. The guitar was based on a 25⅛" scale. The rosewood topped 22 fret "C" shaped maple neck had medium jumbo frets and was about 1.7" wide at the nut. Six individual sealed tuning machines were standard. The Starstream Type 1 was offered in the five finishes shown above.

The Starstream Type 1 included the batttery operated Vox Areos-D modeling circuit (shown above at right). Areos-D modeling allowed the Starstream to emulate the sound of twenty-seven instruments, making it the "swiss army knife" of guitars. The modeling circuit replicated the sounds of six string electrics with either single coil or humbucker pickups, an electric 12 string, various six and twelve string acoustics, banjos, sitars, a resonator guitar and even synth sounds. In addition to the twenty-seven factory sounds, the Areos-D circuit allowed the owner to create and store six custom sounds in the guitar.

Two Vox XLM magnetic humbucking pickups provided the signal to drive the electric guitar models in the Areos-D circuit. Six individual piezo pickups, mounted in the bridge saddles, powered the acoustic guitar models. These first generation Starstream Type 1 guitars did not offer a "passive mode" that would allow the onboard pickups to bypass the Areos-D modeling circuitry. If Areos-D power switch was off or the batteries failed, no signal was sent to the output jack.

The Areos-D modeling circuit also included an variable overdrive circuit for the electric models and a variable digital reverb effect for the acoustic models. Even a headphone jack was included, allowing the guitarist to enjoy all of the modelled sounds of the Starstream Type 1 without the need to plug the guitar into an amplifier.

The Areos-D modeling circuit could operate for up to about eleven hours on four alkaline AA batteries or up to 15 hours on a set of four NiMH AA rechargeables.

Included accessories: gig bag, four AA alkaline batterues, vibrato arm and a truss rod adjustment wrench.

MSRP (2016) $1099.99. Street price: $799.99.

Table of Groups and Sounds - Starstream Type 1 Guitars

--------THREE-WAY SWITCH--------

Electric Guitars



User 1 Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 Selectable
User 2 Program 4 Program 5 Program 6 Selectable
Single Neck Middle Bridge Drive
B'tween Variation 1 Variation 2 Variation 3 Drive
'Bucker Neck Middle Bridge Drive

12 String Down12Str Elec12Str1 Elec12Str2 Drive
Acoustic 1 Large 1 Large 2 Acous 12 Reverb
Acoustic 2 Nylon Small 1 Small 2 Reverb
Unique Banjo Sitar Resonator Reverb
Special Synth Bass Synth Sustain Reverb


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