The Vox V220 Serenader Guitar

Vox V220 Serenader Guitar

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The Vox Serenader acoustic guitar was offered in the 1965 US "King of the Beat" catalog. It was also featured in the 1966 US Vox catalog (featuring the Beatles on the cover) and the 1967 US Vox catalog (featuring pictures of Paul Revere and the Raiders, among others on the cover.) Reprints of all of these catalogs are available at North Coast Music.

The Serenader would generally be considered to be a "student" grade guitar.

The 1966 US "King of the Beat" Vox catalog described the Serenader guitar as follows:

"A six-string Spanish-style flat top acoustic guitar with excellent quality and appearance. Superbly finished with sound hole and body edges purfled in white. Fast action neck and rosewood fingerboard with nickel frets. Beautiful full-bodied tone."

The 1966 US Vox price list indicated that the retail price of the Serenader was $54.90 USD with a "violin type case." Adjusting to today's dollars, the Serenader would retail for about $375 USD.

A decal on the back of the head stock states: "Made by Vox in Italy."


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