The Vox Phantom XII (12) Special

The "Phantom Special VI" (above) shares the same features and pick guard as the "Phantom Special XII"


In 1965 Vox recognized the sales potential of the twelve string electric and introduced the Phantom XII, a twelve string instrument based on their popular "coffin" shaped Phantom body design. Shortly after, Vox introduced two new versions of the twelve string Phantom. The first was the "Phantom XII Stereo" featuring three offset split coil pickups, twelve control knobs and four switches. The second version, the "Phantom XII Special," added a complement of battery powered effects to the standard Phantom XII.

Like the Phantom XII, the Phantom XII Special featured three single coil pickups, a rotary three position pickup selector, and a vibrato arm. The Phantom XII Special added six onboard battery operated effects operated by push buttons mounted to the pick guard. These buttons actuated the Treble Boost, Bass Boost, Top Boost, Mid Boost, Fuzz and Repeat circuits. A second three position rotary switch toggled between three mid boost frequencies. Additional rotary controls adjusted the Fuzz Sustain (level), Repeat speed, and volume while another enabled a "E" reference tone for tuning your guitar. The volume control also served as an on/off switch.

The neck on this Phantom XII Special has a truss rod cover on the head stock, it was probably made for Vox by Stuart Darkins, a UK based furmiure maker that acted as a guitar part subcontractor for JMI. Many Vox guitars had Italian (Eko) necks, but the Eko necks had the truss rod adjustment located at the pick guard.



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