The V236 Vox Panther Bass

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The V236 Vox Panther Bass was offered in the 1965 "King of the Beat" and 1966 "Vox, It's Whats Happening" catalogs. A reprint of either of these catalogs is available at North Coast Music.

The Panther was the least expensive bass guitar offered by Vox in 1966 and 1967. It featured a unique canted single pickup with four pole pieces. The pick up was oriented to the strings an an angle to give increased bass response to the E and A strings while offering brighter tone to the D and G strings. The Panther Bass also included a single volume and tone control.

The 1966 US Vox catalog described the V236 Panther Bass as follows:

"A great value; solid body with hard maple neck; rosewood fingerboard; 4 pole extended range bass pick-up."

The 1966 US Vox price list indicated that the retail price of the Cougar was $129.90 USD. Adjusted for inflation, the Panther Bass would retail today for about $850.

The Panther Bass was produced for Vox by EKO in Italy.

Many thanks to Roger Tessier who allowed me to photograph his Vox Panther Bass for the Vox Showroom.


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