The Vox New Escort Guitar 1965 - 1967

JMI Vox New Escort Guitar

Fender Telecaster

The Vox New Escort guitar was introduced in a 1965 JMI trade show flyer (see above). It appeared in JMI catalogs and price lists through 1967. It was one of the more expensive six string guitar models produced by Vox at the time. Only the six string Vox Phantom and Teardrop guitars were more costly than the New Escort.

By 1965, JMI Vox had already introduced the Fender Stratocaster influenced "Soundcaster." They also offered the Vox "Symphonic Bass," a thinly veiled knock off of the Fender Precision Bass. Next JMI Vox introduced the "New Escort" guitar. The resemblance of the Vox New Escort guitar to the Fender Telecaster is unmistakable (see a Fender Telecaster guitar at lower left).

The 1966 Vox catalog described the features of the New Escort guitar. The catalog stated that the New Escort incorporated many well known Vox features such as the adjustable truss rod reinforced neck, fully adjustable VII six-pole, high output pick-ups and a patented fully adjustable covered bridge. The body was constructed of hardwood with a "near indestructible" polyester finish. The sycamore neck had a rosewood fretboard. Vox stated that the New Escort guitar had a unique "Steel Tone" sound.

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Graham Nash of the Hollies plays a Vox New Escort
guitar in this 1966 promo video for 'I Can't Let Go"


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