The Vox Mark VI (6) Special Teardrop Guitar


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Introduced in 1963, the iconic teardrop shape and Stratocaster like features of the Mark VI guitar made it an instant hit for Vox.

Vox expanded the the Mark VI franchise by introducing numerous variations of the guitar. In addition to twelve string, nine string, bass, and semi-acoustic versions, Vox introduced the solid body "MarkVI Special." 

Like the standard Mark VI Teardrop, the Mark VI Special featured three single coil pickups, a three position Tele "flip style" pickup selector, and a vibrato arm. The Mark VI Special added six onboard battery powered solid state effects operated by push buttons mounted to the chrome plated pick guard. These buttons actuated the Treble Boost, Bass Boost, Top Boost, Mid Boost, Fuzz and Repeat circuits. A three position rotary control switch toggled between three mid boost frequencies. Additional rotary controls adjusted the Fuzz Sustain (level), Repeat speed, and volume. The volume control also served as an on/off switch.

A round, pleated pad snapped onto the back of the guitar. This pad protected the back of the guitar from scratches and concealed the compartment for the battery that powered the effects.

The neck on this black Mark VI Special was probably made for Vox by Stuart Darkins, a UK based furmiure maker that acted as a guitar part subcontractor for JMI. Vox guitar necks made in the UK had a truss rod cover located on the head stock. Italian (Eko) necks had the truss rod adjustment located at the pick guard. The Mark VI Special neck also included individual tuner keys and an aluminum nut.

A hard shell case was included.


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