The V213 Vox Lynx Guitar - 1964 (Crucianelli Production)


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Vox entered the thinline semi-acoustic guitar market in 1964 with their Gibson ES-330/335 inspired "Lynx" guitar.

Producing such guitars was a challenge to JMI Vox. Vox had experience producing solid body guitars but Vox had not mastered the construction techniques required to mass produce thin line semi-acoustic guitars. Furthermore, there was little time for Vox to develop semi-acoustic production capacity. The demand for Vox guitars had become meteoric in the Beatle era and opportunities for sales were being missed. Unable to produce guitars quickly and in numbers to satisfy the burgeoning market, JMI turned to two Italian guitar manufacturers, Crucianelli and Eko, to build private label guitars for Vox. The Vox Lynx guitar, shown above, was produced in 1964 and 1965 exclusively by Crucianelli.

The subdued, two color sunbursts and "bat wing" shaped pick guard on the guitars shown above establishes the guitars above as made by Crucianelli. By 1966, Vox replaced the Lynx with the Eko produced "Super Lynx" and "Super Lynx Deluxe" models.

A "Double T" reinforced bolt-on neck with an adjustable truss rod was supplied to Crucianelli by Eko.

Even though Thomas Organ the US distributor of Vox assigned a model number, V213, to the Lynx guitar, very few Vox Lynx guitars were shipped to the US market. Most were sold by Vox in Europe.

Many thanks to noted Vox guitar authority Roger Tessier for allowing me to take photos of his Vox Lynx guitars.

The Crucianelli Lynx "bat wing" pick guard


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