Vox V239 Folk Twelve Acoustic Guitar

The Vox V239 Folk Twelve Acoustic guitar was manufactured for Vox by the Italian guitar manufacturer, Eko. The Vox Folk Twelve was essentially a rebadged Eko Ranger 12 guitar, as shown at upper right.

The 1967 Eko Guitar described the Ranger 12 guitar as follows:
"Big sound describes the Ranger 12 Series. Deep, rich resonance and dramatic tonal power make these guitars favorite all around performers.

Features: Full size, deep body, beveled for maximum tonal projection. Adjustable rosewood pinned bridge, deluxe pearl block inlays on finger board, TT-BAR neck reinforcement with internal adjustable rod, removable neck, fingerboard and body fully purfled, precision machine heads, luxurious Florentine guard plate - - all reasons why this series is constantly in demand with all age groups."

The 1967 Vox catalog described the V239 Folk Twelve as follows:
"12 string Folk Guitar. Adjustable 12-string pinned bridge. Rosewood fingerboard. Adjustable reinforced neck."

While not mentioned in the product descriptions for either the Eko Ranger 12 or the Vox Folk Twelve, both featured a "zero fret" for increased sustain.

Both Eko and Vox offered a version of this guitar with a pickup. The Eko version was named the "Ranger 12 Electra," the Vox version was the V240 "Folk Twelve Electro."

The 1967 Vox price list indicated that the V239 Vox Folk Twelve retailed for $199. Adjusting the original retail price for almost fifty years of inflation, the MSRP of the V239 Folk Twelve would have been about $1400 today.


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