Vox 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Mk III Guitar - 2007

Vox Anniversary Guitar - Front Vox Anniversary Guitar - Rear

57-05 Logo on fretboard commemorates the 50th anniversary of Vox

Serial number on back of head stock includes # of 100 produced information


2007 marked the fiftieth anniversary for Vox. In celebration, Vox introduced an extremely limited edition guitar based on a classic Vox design from the 1960s.

Iin the mid 60s Vox created a white teardrop guitar specifically for Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. The guitar included two single coil pickups, a three position selector switch, a volume control and a tone control. This arrangement was reminiscent of the Fender Telecaster, one of Brian Jones favorite guitars.

The 2007 50th anniversary reissue guitar was faithful to this original design. It had a teardrop shaped solid body with a snap on back cushion, a bolt on Fender style neck and two single coil pickups. A three position pickup selector was mounted to a Telecaster style chrome trim ring.

As in the original guitar, the fretboard featured a zero fret for increased sustain. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Vox, the numbers "57-07" were inlaid in the neck near the joint with the body. If the neck is removed from the body, one will find a small stamped image of Tom Jennings, the founder of Vox, in the neck pocket of the body.

The headstock was painted white to match the body. Sealed tuner keys were mounted to a paddle shaped headstock. The serial was stamped on the back of the headstock. The serial numbers all started with the prefix "5707" (for 1957 to 2007) and ended with two digits that indicate the position of the guitar in the run of 100 pieces originally planned.

This guitar was produced and manufactured in the United States.

Originally, Vox planned to limit production of this guitar to one hundred pieces for the world. Vox offered five of these to North Coast Music. The remaining ninety-five guitars would be sold by selected Vox dealers in other parts of the US and world.

However, the world economy was in a downward spiral in 2007, causing the market for such an upscale collectible guitar to evaporate. As a result, Vox stopped production and did not complete the original production plan of one hundred instruments. North Coast Music purchased the remaining completed inventory of the Mk III Limited Edition from Vox in May 2008.

The serial numbers of the guitars that were produced and sold via the authorized U.S. Vox dealer network during the official 2007 production run are as follows:

570702, 570704, 570707, 570708, 570715, 570716, 570717, 570522, 570723, 570724, 570725, 570727, 570728, 570734, 570745, 570747, 570752, 570754, 570755, 570756, 570757, 570766, 570768, 570773, 570777, 570779, 570783, 570785, 570786, 570789, 570792

These serials were provided to the Vox Showroom from an official document from Korg USA.

Although the highest serial in this list was 570792. or the ninety second guitar of the series, this does not mean that 92 guitars were assembled. The serials of the guitars were assigned randomly, not in numeric order.

The factory authorized and licensed production of the 50th Anniversary MkIII Guitar ended in 2008 and was limited to about seventy instruments. No further production was authorized by Vox after 2008.

All guitars destined for the US market included a plush padded, teardrop shaped hard shell case and an owner's manual.


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