Vox 50th Anniversary Limited Edition "Wyman" Style Bass - 2007

Vox Anniversary Bass - Front Vox Anniversary Bass - Rear


During the middle 1960's, the artist relations department at JMI Vox in the UK had placed their amplifiers with most of the "British Invasion" bands. The Beatles, Dave Clark FIve, Rolling Stones, Searchers, Animals, Freddy and the Freeloaders, Hollies and Herman's Hermits all played Vox amplifiers. This was not the case with Vox guitars, however. To my memory, the Rolling Stones were one of the few British bands that commonly featured both a Vox guitar and bass in their lineup. When Vox chose to create a pair of very limited edition guitars to celebrate their 50th anniverary in 2007, the teardrop guitar and bass played by Brian Jones and Bill Wyman were the obvious choices.

The 50th Anniverary Vox Bass is an faithful recration of the 30.5"  short scale bass played by Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. It featured two single coil pickups with chrome trim rings. A three position pickup selector switch and twin volume controls provided tonal control. A large chrome plated bridge cover provided a place to rest your hand while playing.

The contoured, teardrop shaped body was ~2" deep at the top and bottom but narrowed to ~1.5" deep near the "f" hole and controls.

The slender neck was only ~1.4" wide and ~.8 deep at the zero fret and ~1.8" wide and ~.9" deep at the twelfth fret.

The enttire bass was ~44" long and the teardrop body was ~13" across at the widest point.

A hard shell case was included.

Vox limited the total production of these basses to fifty pieces. It is my understanding that the bass was produced by Tarada in Japan.


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