Close-up: The Westminster Head

Three versions of the Vox Westminster Bass amp were produced by Thomas Organ. The earliest version was the V118 Westminster, produced from late 1965 through early 1967. The V1181 Westminster replaced the the V118 in mid 1967. The only significant change to the V1181 was the addition of a "G" tuner reference pitch generator.

Both the V118 and the V1181 were rated at 60 watts RMS, 120 watts peak into a 4 ohm load. Two 2N3055 power transistors powered the output amplifier. This 60 watt modular power amp section was also used in the Royal Guardsman amplifier.

The V1182 Westminster was introduced in 1968. The V1182 retained the preamp chassis from the V1181 but increased the power output to 120 watts RMS, 240 watts peak. The V1182 power amp section featured four 2N3055 transistors. This 120 watt modular power amp section was also used in the Super Beatle and Churchill amplifiers. The V1182 retained the "G" tuner" introduced in the V1181.

The trapezoid cabinet design of the US Vox Westninster amp head was influenced by the JMI Vox AC-30SRT. The Westminster shared this same head cabinet with the Buckingham, Royal Guardsman, and Super Beatle amplifiers.

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