The Cambridge Reverb: Vox S-2 Chrome Stand

The September 21, 1965 Thomas Organ/Vox price list offered the collapsible S-2 Chrome Amp Stand as an optional accessory for the Pathfinder and Cambridge Reverb amplifiers.

By the time the next Thomas Organ/Vox price list was issued on July 10, 1966, the S-2 stand was an included accessory with these amps. Thomas Organ simply upped the retail price of the amps to cover the cost of the stand.

The S-2 stand was shipped "knocked down" and was assembled by the customer. The stand was comprised of two tubular "inverted V" side pieces and two cross tubes. When assembled, the amplifier rested on these cross tubes. The cross tubes were fastened to the side assemblies with eight 1/4-20 by 1" carriage bolts and eight 1/4-20 wingbolts. Assembly of the stand took just a few minutes.

Thomas Organ also included a small metal security clamp that firmly secured the amp to the stand. A 1/4-20 wingbolt was supplied to fasten the security clamp to a "tee nut" in the bottom of the amp cabinet.

The original assembly manual provided by Thomas Vox for the collapsible S1 and S2 stands is shown at lower left.


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