The Vox V301J or "TC" Continental Organ - Made in the UK

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Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI), the UK based parent company of Vox, along with the Thomas Organ Company, the US manufacturer and distributor of Vox for North America, were highly innovative firms that brought many firsts to the guitar amp and instrument world.

JMI Vox introduced the first commercially successful 100 watt tube amp in late 1963, the AC-100. The Beatles played their AC-100 amps to enthusiatic concert audiences in 1964 and 1965. JMI also developed the first wireless radio microphone and the "guitar organ" in 1965.

On the American side, "Thomas" Vox developed the first self powered multi channel portable PA mixer, the Vox Churchill. "Box" style portable powered PA mixers made by such people as Mackie, Peavey, Behringer, Sunn, Kustom, or even the late 1960's Shure "Vocal Master"  among others were inspired by the Vox Churchill. The invention of the "wah" pedal was yet another American Vox innovation.

As a young guy that lived through the 1960s, no Vox innovation was more important to me, as a fledgling keyboardist, than the UK developed Vox Continental Organ. As far as I can tell, Vox was the first company to develop a completely portable combo organ, introducing it to the market in 1962. Vox's main competitor in the combo organ business, Farfisa, introduced it's first combo organ model in 1964, two years after the introduction of the Continental.

The picture above shows my mint 1965 JMI Vox Continental, a part of the North Coast Music Vox collection. You may have seen this picture in other combo organ web sites (who took the image without my permission), but it originates here.

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