Vox amPlug Powered Speaker Cabinet - 2010-2013

Introduced in 2008, the Vox amPlug series included nine compact head phone amplifiers for guitar or bass designed to plug into the input jack of an instrument. Each amPlug utilized a unique analog modeling circuit that delivered the tone of some of the world's most iconic amplifiers to the privacy of a set of headphones.

Vox introduced the battery operated amPlug powered speaker cabinet (shown at left) as an amPlug accessory in 2010. The amPlug powered speaker cabinet was constructed of wood covered in traditional Vox black basket weave vinyl and brown diamond pattern grill. Combining an amPlug powered speaker cabinet with an amPlug headphone amplifier created a 0.7 watt "mini stack" practice amp.

Set up couldn't be simpler. A ¼" jack on the top of the amPlug powered speaker cabinet accepted the plug from the amPlug headphone amplifier. A dedicated cable with a ⅛" plug extending from the right side of the amPlug powered speaker connected to the amPlug headphone jack. A ¼" jack, also on the right side of the amPlug powered speaker, served as the input jack for an instrument.

One could switch from the chimey sound of a Vox AC-30 to the roar of a 100 watt UK stack or the glistening clean response of a California "Twin" by exchanging the amPlug connected to the powered speaker cabinet.

Vox amPlug Cabinet
Output Power: 0.7W
Connections: Guitar In, Amplug In, Aux In, DC Power Adapter In
Speaker: Vox Original 2½" x 1
Power: 9 VDC Battery
Current Use: 55mA
Battery LIfe: 10 hours (alkaline battery)
Dimensions: 3.78" x 2.20" x 4.06"
Weight: 0.65 pounds, less battery


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