Vox VR15 Combo Amplifier

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price - 2005
VR15 15.35" x 14.09" x 7.48" 18 lbs. $260.00 $199.00
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Vox introduced the VR Series amps in 2005. At the time the VR15 was announced, Vox already also offered two other 1 x 8" 15 watt amplifiers in the same price class; the Pathfinder 15R and the AD15VT.

The Pathfinder 15R was a transistorized amp. The AD15VT was a modeling amp that featured REMS amp modeling and digital effects in the preamp along with the "Valve Reactor" based output circuit.

The VR15 borrowed from both of these amps. It had a transistorized preamp, not too unlike that in the Pathfinder 15R, and the "Valve Reactor" power amp from the AD15VT.

The VR15 has two channels. The Normal channel has a clean and bright tone. The Overdrive channel has Gain and Volume controls plus an OD Style switch. OD1 offers a bluesy over drive, OD2 has a "high overdrive," aggressive distortion.

An optional VF001 foot switch is used for channel switching.

The VR15 was discontinued in 2006. Vox did not offer a new model in replacement.

North Coast Music offers these repair parts and accessories for the VR15


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