Vox Mini 5 Rhythm Battery/AC Amplifier - 2013
Vox Mini 5 Rhythm "Classic" Battery/AC Amplifier - 2013

The Mini 5 Rhythm amp was introduced at the January 2013 Winter NAMM music trade
show. First deliveries commenced in June 2013.

Busker Amps
Busker amps are battery operated guitar amplifiers used by street musicians that entertain on street corners and in train stations for tips.

Vox introduced a number of battery operated "Busker" amps thoughout their history. The Battery Escort was introduced in the early 1970s. The Vox Venue Series "Busker" amp was released in 1984. The Vox DA5 debuted in 2006. The DA10 and the DA20 joined the DA5 in 2007. In 2010, the Mini 3 replaced the DA Series amps.

Vox added the "Mini 5 Rhythm" to their product lineup in 2013 The unique design of the Mini 5 Rhythm combined a dual channel guitar amplifier with a built in "drum machine."

Internal Drum Machine
The Mini 5 Rhythm Amp provided 11 built-in rhythm patterns. Each pattern offered nine rhythmic variations. In total, 99 rhythm patterns were available.

Amp Models
Eleven digital amp models allowed the Mini 5 Rhythm to recreate the tones of "blackface," "plexi," "boutique," "Cali" and Vox tube amplifiers.

Digital Effects
The Mini 5 Rhythm Amp featured eight digital effects. Included were analog delay, tape echo, spring reverb, room reverb, compressor, chorus, flanger and tremolo.

Dual Channel Design
The guitar input of the Mini 5 Rhythm Amp incorporated all the amp modeling and digital effects. The "Mic In" input featured clean response and adjustable reverb. It could be used with a Hi-Z microphone or a keyboard.

A third 1/8" jack allowed the connection of an MP3 player.

E String Tuner
A digital tuner with "sharp" and "flat" LED lamps helped to establish the correct pitch for the E strings on a guitar.

Battery/AC Operation
The Mini 5 Rhythm can operate for up to 19 hours on six AA batteries when set to the .1 watt output power setting. At the five watt output setting one can expect about 12 hours from a set of batteries.

An external "wall wart" AC power adaptor is also included with the amplifier to allow to operate from wall current.

Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price
Mini 5 Rhythm 10.5" x 10.5" x 7" 8 lbs. $225.00 $159.99


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