The Vox LS40 PA Column Speaker

Chalk up the the LS-40 PA speaker as another in a long line of "firsts" for Vox.

As early as 1962, when competitors such as Fender and Gibson were dedicating their efforts solely to guitar amplification, Vox recognized that there was an untapped market to provide portable public address systems for bands. The Vox LS-40 (which originally stood for "Line Source" speaker, 40 watts RMS) is the first dedicated line array PA loudspeaker marketed by a guitar amplifier company.

The Vox LS-40 offers a highly consistent, predictable coverage field and reduced component interaction, or comb filtering. In the nearly fifty years since the introduction of the Vox LS-40, top sound reinforcement manufacturers such as JBL and Apogee still manufacture line array speakers quite similar in concept to this original Vox product.

Four 10 watt, 10" Elac loudspeakers were used in the Vox LS-40. Adjustable chrome plated tilt back stands were included. Vox logo hand wheels secured the tilt back stand to adjust the cabinet to the desired angle.

These early columns featured the original Vox "pie" nameplate. This early logo had free standing plastic letters mounted to a 1/4" plywood plaque that was covered in the smooth black vinyl used in 1962-63 for Vox amp production. Later versions of this name plate would be made of injection molded plastic.


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