Vox V941 Valve Effects Loop Buffer

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The Vox Valve Effects Loop Buffer is a single space rack mountable device with one 12AX7 tube. It is designed to be used with guitar amps that feature an "effects loop."

The key to understanding the operation of this device is summed up by the word "buffer." Rather than connecting a chain of guitar effects and pedals directly to the "in" and "out" effects loop jacks in a guitar amp, the effects would rather be plugged into the effects loop jacks in the Vox V941. The signal from the effects pedals is then "buffered" through a 12AX7 preamp tube. The output of this tube in the Vox Valve Effects Buffer would then be connected to the effects loop jacks in the guitar amp.

Simply stated, the preamp tube in the Vox V941 stands between, or "buffers" the effects pedals from the amplifier.

The tube "dual triode" circuit in this device would offer several benefits. Running the effects first through the tube buffer would add the warmth of a preamp tube to the tone of the effects. Adjustable front panel "Send" and "Return" controls offer further control of the gain flowing through the effects and also allow the output of the Valve Effects Tube Buffer to the amplifier to be either boosted or attentuated.

The V941 Valve Effects Loop Buffer was made by Vox in the United states and was first offered in 1994. The MSRP was $199.


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