The Vox AC4TVH Amp Head and V112TV Cabinet

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Model Dimensions Weight MSRP Street Price
AC4TVH 13.9" x 8.31" x 9.69" 20 lbs $350 $249
V112TV TBA TBA $250 $169

The AC4TVH and V112TV are the separate head and cabinet version of the AC4TV combo amplifier.

The original 1961 Vox AC-4 was a four tube, open ended circuit with a 12AX7 and a EF86 preamp tube, one EL-84 power tube, and one EZ80 rectifier tube. The four watt amp powered an 8" Elac speaker.

When Vox introduced a reissue AC4 in 2009, they chose to not copy the original circuit, cabinet, or speaker. They created a totally new amp with modern features and retro tone.

The preamp of the AC4TVH is powered by one twin triode 12AX7 configured into a cascading circuit. This choice of tube and circuit allowed for higher gain potential, so that the amp may be either clean or overdriven, depending on the volume setting. The single ended EL-84 four watt tube power section is connected to a power attentuator to allow the output of the AC-4TVH to be adjusted between 1/4 watt or one watt if the full 4 watt output is not desired. The amp has a solid state (diode) rectifier for greater head room.

A tone control rolls off the highs, if desired.

The AC4TVH and V112TV are covered in light tan vinyl inspired by the Vox Heritage Amp Series.

Celestion designed a special 12" VX12 speaker for Vox to use in the V112TV.



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