Vox AC4TV (2009-2016)
A Look "Under the Hood"

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The folded steel chassis for the Vox AC4TV was also shared
with the Vox AC4TV8, AC4TV Mini and AC4TVH amplifiers.

The outside of the chassis was finished in semi gloss black paint. It had gold silk screened control panel nomenclature and white silk screened rear panel nomenclature. The chassis was secured to the cabinet by eight machine screws.

The circuitry for the AC4TV was constucted on two PCBs (printed citcuit boards). The preamp, power amp and power supply sections were mounted to the main PCB. The power attenuator circuit was incorporated onto a small PCB that mounted below the three position power selection rotary switch.

The preamp stage of the AC4TV utilized a 12AX7 tube.
The 12AX7 triodes were configured into a "cascading" circuit that directed the output of the first triode to the input of the second triode to increase gain. A simple passive tone control allowed treble tresponse to be attenuated.

The power amp stage featured a single ended, cathode biased EL84 tube, reminiscent of the design of the original 1961 Vox AC-4.

Power Transformer
Unlike the original JMI Vox AC-4, the AC4TV was not equipped with a mains voltage selector switch. To accommodate the differences between mains (AC) voltages throughout the world, the AC4TV was equipped with one of four power transformers. The primary winding of these four transformers was wound to accept an input voltage of either 100VAC (Japan), 120VAC (USA), 220 VAC (UK), or 240 VAC (Europe and Australia).

The AC4TV was equipped with three fuses. The main fuse, FS4, was mounted inside rear panel mounted AC socket. A T500mAL/250 volt fuse was installed for the Japanese (100VAC) and US (120VAC) markets. A T1AL/250 fuse was installed for the UK (220VAC) and European (240VAC) markets.

Two fuses, FS1 and FS2, were mounted to the main circuit board. FS1 was a T6.2AL fuse that protected the tube heater circuit. FS2 was a T125mAL fuse that protected the high voltage "B+" circuit.

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