Vox AC30S1 Amplifier - 2018

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Single Channel Design
While Vox produced numerous two and three channel versions of the AC-30 over it's 60 year history, only the "Top Boost" channel offered the flexibility of independent treble and bass controls. This made "Top Boost" the preferred channel for most musicians.

When Vox created the AC-30S1 in 2018, they aimed to design an amp that was both practical and affordable. While maintaining the traditional AC-30 cathode biased output stage powered by a quad of EL84 power tubes, the AC30S1 preamp section was reduced to a single channel with "Top Boost" tone controls.

Five Controls
The AC30S1 control panel included Volume, Reverb, Treble, Bass and Gain controls, not unlike the Vox AC10C1 from 2015. An FX loop with rear panel "Send" and "Return" jacks facilitated the use of external pedals.

Also like the AC10C1, the Vox AC30S1 featured digital reverb, continuing the trend by amp manufacturers of moving away from spring reverb pans.

Single 12" Speaker
The AC30S1 followed the modern shift towards having just one speaker in a combo amp. This design offers many benefits. Having just one speaker helps to focus the amps output toward the musician, minimizes stage level, aids in controlling audio bleed to the vocal and drum mics and reduces weight. The AC30S1 included a 16 ohm extension speaker jack should additional audio output be required.

The amp came equipped with a Celestion-made Vox "VX12" 16 ohm, 12" inch speaker. While Vox provided no other technical specifications for the VX12, there is evidence to support that the VX12 is similar, if not identical to the 12" Celestion 70/80 speaker. According to the Celestion web site, the 12" 70/80 "meets the expanded frequency range requested by the new generation of amp manufacturers."

The Celestion 70/80 is rated at 80 watts RMS with a 1¾" copper voice coil, a 31oz ceramic magnet and range of 80-5k Hz.

AC30S1 Enclosure
At ~26" wide, the AC30S1 was about 1½" narrower than a standard AC-30 cabinet and was constructed of OSB.

Vox AC30S1 Amplifier

Audio Output: 30 watts RMS
Tubes: 2 - 12AX7 (ECC83), 4 - EL84
Speaker: 1 - 12" VX12 Celestion, 16 ohms
Effects: Digital Reverb
Included: AC power cable
Dimensions: ~25.91" x 10.43" x 21.65"
Weight: ~54 lbs.
MSRP $1099.99
Street Price $799.99

North Coast Music offers a number of spare parts for the AC30S1
Genuine Vox Two Pin Corners
Replacement VOX logo (p/n NCM-025)
Exact replacement handles for the AC10C1 (p/n NCM-104)
Vox Air Vents (p/n NCM-081)
Brown Diamond Vox Grill Cloth

White and gold cabinet piping for the AC10C1
Basketweave Replacement vinyl for the AC10C1

Gold Fascia Strip
Creme Control Knobs


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