Rear view - Vox AC15TBX amplifier with Celestion/Vox Blue Alnico 12" speaker

Rear view - Vox AC15TB amplifier with Eminence/Vox 12" speaker

Rear view - Vox AC15TB2 amplifier with twin Eminence/Vox 10" speakers

This two button foot switch was included with the AC15TB Series amps

Close up view of Vox logo handle used on early versions of the AC15TB
series amps produced for Vox at Marshall Amplification PLC

Close up view of the pressed steel vent grill used on the AC15TB
series amps produced for Vox at Marshall Amplification PLC
This grill is no longer available as a replacement part

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The AC15TBX was produced by Marshall under contract to Vox from 1995 through 2003. It featured a true class "A" power amplifier section and a single 12" Celestion G12 "VOX Blue" alnico speaker. This amplifier was also offered with a single 12" "standard" speaker (AC15TB) or with twin 10" speakers (AC15TB2). The speakers in either of these amps were manufactured by Eminence.

The picture at left tells an interesting and little known story about the AC15TBX. Originally, Korg also planned to have this amplifier manufactured in the US by Bedrock Amplification. The early Vox publicity photo of this amp at left shows the original Bedrock prototype AC15TBX. Notice the leather handle and the slim air vents, both Bedrock cosmetic touches.

The AC15TB Series amps featured both a channel and a master volume control.

The amp also featured reverb and tremolo, both controllable by a remote foot switch.

The control panel was semi gloss black with gold silk screened nomenclature.

In the end, Marshall produced the amp for Vox using a design similar to the Bedrock prototype.

North Coast Music offers many repair parts amd accessories for the AC15TB and AC15TBX. Some are shown below.
Replacement VOX logo
Tubular Steel, chrome plated rigid stands
AC-15 Amp Covers
Road Cases for the AC15TBX, plywood, foam lined, twist latches, swiivel casters, all plywood with carpeted exterior, swivel casters
Two pin replacement corners for the AC15TB/TBX (p/n NCM-020)
Exact replacement handles for the AC-15TB/TBX (p/n NCM-104)
Celestion 12" Alnico Blue replacement speakers - made in the UK
Current reissue brown or black diamond Vox grill cloth
White and gold cabinet piping for the ACTBX
Exact Replacement vinyl for the AC15TB/TBX

Features - AC15TB Series
Output Power
15 watts "Class A"
Tube Compliment
5x ECC83, 2x EL84, 5Y3 Rectifier
Channel One
Two inputs,
one volume,
one treble,
one bass,
one master volume,
one reverb depth,
one tremolo speed,
one tremolo depth.
AC15TBX - 1x12" Celestion G12 Alnico "VOX Blue"
AC15TB - 1x12" Vox Speaker by Eminence
AC15TB2 - 2x10" Vox Speaker by Eminence
23.375" W x 16" H x 10" D
Covers, Foot Pedal, Chrome stand



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